The Minimalistic Journey Begins…


Minimal img1

Minimalism a way of life…

Minimalism is often misunderstood as giving up on the things you like and leading a boring life.Instead its focusing on the things you genuinely want or need.
There are numerous mentions in Bhagavad Gita(Hindu Holy book) about the importance of detachment to attain peace, happiness and gradually Moksha / liberation.
Becoming a minimalist is a gradual process wherein
you start getting rid of uneccesary things and streamlining your life with the things which you absolutely need.

If you surround yourself with materialistic clutter you eventually start losing focus on your thought process.It will dampen the way you spend on material comforts.Lastly it will make you believe that inorder to blend in the crowd you need to satisfy a certain benchmark.

De-Cluttering your lifestyle…

Minimal home

It all starts with the definition of Lifestyle-The products designed to appeal to a consumer by association. Often after many years of paying debts, mortgages we realize that we’re left with the things that doesn’t guarantee contentment.

In today’s world a person consumes more space in terms of a house, a car etc. We often equate “more” with “happiness”. But in reality we hardly use all the rooms in the house or put every car through driving. I’m not advocating to downsize in an extreme manner but we should be mindful of what we use.

Ease of downsizing…


Easy as it may sound downsizing is by far the most daunting process.It starts from a tiny speck of self- realization and gradually turns into a more conscious process of material consumption.

Often we end up buying stuff that we regret later.There are many reasons leading to this decision. Also we assign possessions to happiness in the process. The material comforts may provide a spurt of happiness momentarily but it fazes out after a while.

The process of Minimalism starts with a mindful approach towards life. As in questioning our purchase even before making an attempt to purchase. Once we start practicing that we automatically eliminate the whole circle of ‘Impulse Buying’.

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